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For all types of machinery

We specialize in wheels for slow-moving and heavy-duty machinery used in various industries. Formed from top-quality steel resulting in superior durability, our wheels have excellent loading capacity. The unparalleled quality and reliability of our wheels allows your business to keep moving forward, rain or shine. We are part of the Nokian Heavy Tyres.

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Information of our products

To get more information of our product range please visit our LP wheels blog. We are specialized on tractor wheels and forestry wheels, but we can produce also other kinds of heavy machinery wheels upon request. On our blog you can find the wheels training video which covers well the features of our wheels. More […]

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Agriculture wheels

Our advanced agricultural wheel solutions help you get the job done, in the field and on the road.

We have designed our agricultural wheels to take care of both your crops and the soil where they grow. Make sure that the equipment at each stage of your process has the best wheels, from soil preparation, tractors and harvesters to sprayers, trailers and spreaders.

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Forestry wheels

Developed with experts in the forestry industry, our wheels help you climb up hills. Our wheels are coated with environmentally friendly powder paint, making them shock and corrosion resistant – so you can work even in the toughest conditions. In addition to harvester and forwarder wheels, we have a range of wheels suitable for forestry tractors and skidders.

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Construction wheels

From the very beginning of the construction process to the end, we have the right wheels for your construction equipment.

With excellent traction and withstanding high impact, our wheels are perfect for various industries, from the mining sector to road construction. Choose the right wheels for your excavators and loaders.

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Easy to

Exactly what you need

It is fast and simple to order our high-quality custom wheels for heavy machinery according to your requirements. You can find our wheel selector on the Nokian Tyres website:
Heavy wheel selector

Our manufacturing process can easily produce small batches. We can equip whatever machinery you have with the perfect wheels to get you going.

Configure your perfect wheel

Download the chart of wheel profiles and sizes here:

LP Wheels catalogue

Levypyörä produces heavy machinery wheels for agriculture, forestry and construction. Big and small batches of unique wheels with customized options are available with a fast delivery. On our catalogue you can see the available rim sizes and rim profiles.

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We’re here to help you create the perfect, cost-effective wheels for all of your heavy-duty machines. No matter what kind of equipment or requirements you have, we can create the perfect wheels for you. In addition we are able to manufacture wheels that are produced from special parts. In addition we are able to manufacture wheels that are produced from special parts. 

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