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Summary of the customer satisfaction survey

Customer oriented approach and focus on quality
were praised in the customer satisfaction survey

At the end of 2018 Levypyörä conducted a customer satisfaction survey. The results highlighted satisfaction with the customization of products and ability to meet the customer needs. Product quality, service-mindedness, friendliness and expertise were also praised by the respondents. The majority of respondents felt that working with Levypyörä contributed to their organization’s business goals and they were willing to recommend Levypyörä as a business partner.
Many respondents also felt that Levypyörä’s performance had improved over the past year.

“This was valuable feedback for us”, says CEO Lars Ojansuu, who has been leading the company for two years. According to Mr. Ojansuu, the company has done a lot of work to improve quality in all areas.
“First, we focused on product quality assurance. After that, we reviewed the quality and efficiency of the processes.”

The survey also revealed that customers have experienced an improvement on Levypyörä operations during the year. According to Mr. Ojansuu this means that we are focusing on the right things: “At Levypyörä, we have trained supervisors and launched a new type of daily management model, which has clearly moved things to the right direction.” This year as well, Levypyörä is investing heavily in development and training. “The survey responses show us that we are on a right path, so we just have to move forward with even more vigour. Our goal is, however, to be the world’s best for customer service”, Mr. Ojansuu says modestly.

Summary of the results:
Levypyörä – Client satisfaction survey

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