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LP Wheels training video

Video guide: “How to choose the right wheels for your machine”

Selecting suitable wheels can be tricky.  LP Wheels Training video will guide you through the process of choosing correct specification for your perfect wheel.

Watch the video on YouTube by pressing the link below:

LP Wheels Training video

Calculating the Back Space/Offset is very important when replacing the wheels. This video shows how to calculate track width and offset. Wheels need an optimal profile for the intended use, correct drilling, and desired additional features e.g. valve shelter and/or flange reinforcement. This video shows the images used for training our partners in selecting correct wheels for their customers.




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Levypyörä – LP WHEELS

LP Wheels focuses on designing and manufacturing wheels from high-quality materials. As a part of the global Nokian Tyres Group, we work together to create the perfect match for premium tires and the demands of your work. LP Wheels production process is a combination of tailored, custom products and fast, highly professional industrial manufacturing – from 2 to 200 pieces, ready in 2 – 4 weeks. We have been making wheels for many decades as Levypyörä, constantly improving our know-how. We became a part of the Nokian Heavy Tyres Oy in 2019. Now we are able to deliver high quality wheel and tyre packages together. Today we can proudly say, that we are the experts on our field of wheel designing and manufacturing.

With state-of-the-art machinery and quality craftsmanship, every LP Wheels component is manufactured to high tolerances. In wheel assembly, there is no substitute for strong, continuous welding. LP Wheels does not use tack welding even on reinforcements. Our two-layer powder coating gives your wheel a magnificent look as well as extended protection against impacts and corrosion. Choosing the color you like for your wheels is very important. We offer a wide range of standard colors, and special colors are also available.

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We’re here to help you create the perfect, cost-effective wheels for all of your heavy-duty machines. No matter what kind of equipment or requirements you have, we can create the perfect wheels for you. In addition we are able to manufacture wheels that are produced from special parts. In addition we are able to manufacture wheels that are produced from special parts. 

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